Well Hello... Welcome to the new pages for Norwich Modern Quilt Guild .

Due to technical problems with our previous pages it was decided ot move to a more interactive bloggerstlye page and hope you enjoy reading and joining in.

Norwich Modern Quilt Guild aim to support both new and experienced quilters expand their repetoire of skills and personal styles that reflect both the ethos of Modern QUilting as well as embracing Traditional patchwork and quilting and Art quilts.

Many people ask what is "modern Quilting" and it;s a question that rattles around a lot ... a definition by the MQG is given on  it might be sometimes easier to think of Modern quilting as functional art !  Many of the people engaging in MQ have their own design skills , an alternative vision of what quilts should look like .

If we look at work by people like Elizabeth Hartman  there arem any traditional skills but some really fresh ideas on design.  offers lots of new ideas from a relatively new quilter and also founder of MQG.

Red Pepper Quilts  is slightly more traditional in design but uses bright colours Latifah offers design and engineering insights into quilt making to please herself.

All of these people are really different in their design and strategy for making quilts ...  some use trad piecing but completely break the rules on colour or pattern ... lots of neutral space with plain solids lets some of the faulous new fabrics we see work rather than become lost in a mish mash of colour and pattern.

MQ needs to run along side traditional quilting much like romance novels sit along side murder mysteries in the library ... they may have different covers, have different agendas, appeal to different people but underneath they are words... quilts are quilts  blankets for keeping us warm , wrapped in hugs and love, and quilts should not be a means to argue, fall out or take moral high ground !

Modern quilters appear to be happy to learn, listen, engage, enthuse, chat, network and not least sew and quilt. We support, console, encourage and sew ( cake eating and coffee /tea drinking included ) .

Norwich MQG principally meets online due to geographical constraints so sign up and get yr emails with meet ups and challenges.

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