Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Ohhhhhhhh now hello after a wee while away busy working at ourreal jobs we mananged ot locate some fabuolous fabrics etc. No other and suitable modern retro ... this gorgeous gorgeous  modern fabric to make into something screamingly modern yet ultra retro...

Reminds me of grnadmas curtains .

THe Modern quilt guild continues to expand in the UK and USA as well as the rest of the world . Sadly Norfolk appears beset by geography and problems getting our name out in the Quilting society mag!

But we will NOT FAIL !

Have you seen the gorgeoues quilt for the QUILTCON?? made with blocks donated from all around the world  sadly none from the UK made it or appear to have arrived .

THe spare blocks have gone to be made into otehr quilts ot go to the childrens hospital . Should be amazing. I can only go ifI win the lottery .

Keep on sewing !

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